Les Deux frères et les Lions : a review

Last week , on friday 28th of september, with many other students, we travelled to the island of Brecqhou where two old Scottish billionaires live.
The actors of this play brought us drinks and food and told us a capitalist success story in 20th and 21st centuries.

With a lot of energy, dynamism and humour the duet showed how money can change people and turn them into selfish manipulators.
They made us laugh and taught us a history lesson.

The question is : « Does wealth make you happy ? »

***The staging was super !
***I was impressed by the memory and timing of the actors.
*I didn’t like the familiar language of one of the characters.
***It was funny.
****I was surprised to be welcomed that way with songs and scones and I laughed a lot.
*I wasn’t in the mood. I thought that they were crazy !
****The audience was litterally caught into the plot. I liked it !

Form CAP2 SI (last but not least) &ATMFC